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Class 12






Aromatic Compounds And Alkyl And Aryl Halides


Which of the following alkyl h...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Methyl chlorideEthyl chlorideIsobutyl chloridetert-Butyl chloride

Answer : `d`
Solution : Forms `(Me_(3)C^(o+)) 3^(o+) C^(o+)`. SO `SN^(1)` is fastest.


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given question with answer which of the following alkyl halides undergo fastest FM 136 substitution nucleophilic Uni molecular reaction this option given method to write metal chloride tert butyl chloride SN1 reaction what happens in it to the two-step process for step would be generation of carboplatin then S would be represented like this for example if we have taken this PS3 and CBR molecule nucleophile BF taken Watchmen is in the product that will be it will be substituting even so this is forming CH3 then try this is carbon and it will be tied to this time and will be out this is the simple reaction now we are preparing first generation of PS3

price and this was initially containing carbon Bond with br2 the formation of Carbohydrate and that is this is located in the group letting it using inductive effect in this bromine and was given out on the 10 pound to this is the chemical time this is the nucleophile ft convert it it is being attacking how this product that is formed in step to this is a b s would be the product with which one is presented like CH3 CH3 CH3 and given out in the funny thing so this is a process that more stability of carbocation

rearrangement reaction to look for the problem that is more degree of carbon so first option given to assess methyl chloride so it's only simple ethyl chloride is also a simple this is isobutyl this is this is Aisa position near it is containing isobutane it is beating him 8:30 butyl because it is container containing 3 carbon atoms with respective carbon atom it is tert-butyl containing over chloride molecular and serving set by using hydrogen carbon to carbon atoms and containing Ch 2 CL

34209 time know if you can see the formation of carboplatin in case of tert butyl that can be formed on stable carbon that is stabilized from 3001 to 30 is more stable than we have already discussed this is the tert-butyl we have taken over you can choose chlorine with respect to the question I have taken the example to explain that if tert butyl chloride because ka 23 degree that can be formed for the tertiary so finally we can conclude that the SN1 reaction is going to depend upon 3 degree highest S somewhat less and primary will be placed so here it is carbon will be 3D carbon that will be found just like you can take the example I have already explained you so this is 3 degree and you can put chloride over it to get this

3D cover it is most implies that 15 is


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