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Class 12






Co-ordination Compounds


Which is not correctly matched...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : B::C::D
Solution : (b) sodium hydridotrimethoxoborate(III) <br> (c) Bis (henzoyl acetaonate)beryllium(II) <br> (d) Tetrachloroauric(III) acid.


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requesting you need to find which of the following is not correctly matched complex compound and their MP 3 respectively for interactive floor of the pyramid and effectively for all it given if it is not correct I'm going to write the correct name and if it is correct but we are going to know that we need to find the not correct me if the basic compound given compound keep it will be given and correspondingly brf4 of will be taken as negative to calculate Oxidation state for this X - 1 x 4 the floor of negative limit and over their BF visiting -2 charge on there is one molecule that we couldn't forward to that site

Oxidation state you are taken -2 so this is going to be over 50 states this person in improved room so no change the truth that the second one Divya given any chotibahu23 SBI the complex part 2019 similarly we can work over their work upon the oxidation state of actresses had to take -1 in the charge and Escape 2 - 3 x 3 will give you -3 and similarly december 18 - 2B 4b will 320 with Sodium and sodium hydride is given as Charity ride then you have to talk

time it is a member of the group and it would be bought it because of this or negative charge on the field we will be appreciated that the computer but in the question they've given methoxy this is my thoughts that there is option is going to be or incorrect on the Midnight beautifully presented a negative - 1 X 2 and will be Karan 2 coordination chart define write the name given to Bieber Acetate group then we have zero is the 411 writing the name of the metal atom that is wearing a double l i followed with population is the

correct name attitude value and second but in the questions given benzo attitude to be completely different as compared to normal coordination entity and other than not in the moment I'm not the hydrogen what they are given and synthetic law that it is in the complex compound as the quality bpd which are the incorrect matching network show u b e d the correct incorrect


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