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Class 11






The P-block Elements


Which is incorrect statement a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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They are made up of `SiO_(4)^(4-)` unitsThey are polymers made up of `R_(2)SiO` unitsThey are water soluble compoundsThey are hydrophilic in nature

Answer : B
Solution : They are macromolecules which contain <img src="" width="80%"> chains in which alkyl or phenyl groups are present with each silicon atoms. They are hydrophobic in nature.

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hello everyone let's start the question the questions is that which is incorrect statement about silicones right and here we have been given four options we have to find out which is the incorrect statement now silicon is a what these are polymers which have a basic repeating monomeric unit right and that moment unit is we can write it as a let me write a down here that moment unit it is hard to know this is the monomeric unit which can repeat itself and number of times then its forms a polymer and that polymer is known as Silicon now what is are good here are group hair is the alkyl group right so that means there are two alkyl group to which a silicon atom is batch right

and send this single Silicon atom is also attached to an oxygen atom let me also write down the polymeric structure so this is how the polymeric structure actually appears as this goes on in on right so n number of units attach tenses write this is your Silicon write this is how it appears when oxygen atom is shared between two Silicon atoms now we have to tell what is the incorrect statement regarding Silicon not if you look at option number 2 years of number 2 is completely true that is they are polymers made up of our to Si units Silicon the also water soluble compounds right there also hydrophilic in nature now the Silicon how their form Actually when aa to sahi cl2

minut reacts with H2O right when it reacts with H2O water it forms Silicon that is r2s this particular reaction itself prove that they are water soluble compounds also and their hydrophilic l o all these three options are completely correct that is option number 2 3 and 4 but if you look at option number one here it is written that silicones are made up of so4 negative units not this is a false this is your incorrect statement why so because Si o44 negative is actually what these are your silicates these are not Silicon instead these are silicates and the silicates they have tetrahedral structure and

C kids are also various types we have changed silicates double chain silicates 3D network silicates 2D sheet silicates so do of silicates they are composed of this basic unit where as silicones they consist of sio2 that is Everton had the general Formula r2s they also contains alkyl group right so it means that option number one is the incorrect statement here thank you

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