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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


Which has the most stable +2 o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : In the outermost orbit of `Pb` both s-subshell and p-subshell have two electrons. Due to the inert pair effect s-subshell electrons are unable to take part in bonding.

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Hari won today's question is which has most stable plus two Oxidation state option as an option B ion-option sealed lead option D'silva let us discuss all option one by one first option Asin 14 group element and it has to main Oxidation State + 4 and + 2 but SM + 4 is more stable as compared to plus because inert pair effect is not applicable on the second option iron iron existing to state F3 plus 3 and 3 + 2 + 3 is more stable because it has configuration 3D 5 which is half filled stable configuration as compared to Api + to which has configuration cd6 not stable configuration options for we can say that P + 2 is more stable than PV plus 4 and it is due to inert pair effect in after effect is non participating

action of electron in Bond formation and it increases with increase in size and PP is present at the bottom of the group 42 hair inert pair effect is applicable on etv plus two is more stable so this option is correct for Silver last option + 1 Oxidation state is maximum table state because there it was fulfilled configuration for detailed as compared to plus two Oxidation State show the correct option for this question is option see that thank you


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