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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


Which compound for each of the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : a. Appluy Fajans' rule : <br> A compound is more ionic if it has (i) large cation, (ii) small anion and (iii) low charge. <br> Size of `Mg^(2+) gt "Size of" Be^(2+)` <br> So, `MgBr_(2)` is more ionic. <br> b. `overset(2+)(Pb)Cl_(2)` is more ionic than `overset(4+)(Pb)Cl_(4)` because of low charge in `PbCl_(2)`. <br> c. `Ag Br` is more ionic than `AgI` (size of `Br^(ɵ) lt "size of" I^(ɵ)`). <br> d. `CuO` is more ionic than `CuS` (size of `O^(2-) lt "size of" O^(2-)`)

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hello everyone here the question age which compound for each of the following pairs is more ionic and a r a p e b r 2GB as pbcl2 and TV serial for third agbr origin and last SEO or so according to Faizan shirol ionic character directly proportional to ionic character it is directly proportional to size of iron and character is directly proportional to the are beryllium and magnesium lead silver copper

oxygen Sulphur and character character smaller is the size of fine more glorious more closes the more and more is covalent character in case of beryllium and magnesium both have same charge + 2 + magnesium is larger in size so hard and in case MS iron character that Li proportional to size of cation directly proportional to size of cation larger is the cation same time that same charge and cation is large in size than any

character is hi OK size of cation directly proportional and in case of a larger is the size of anion more as its polarization more is its polarizability is caused by in case of anion it is inversely proportional to size of pennis size of an eye means larger is the anion lesser is the character and charge if two cations of same metal having different charges them for example here

TV plus to hear PV plus 4 more positive charge power is directly proportional to charge on cation main is smaller is the charge on cation more is less is more and now Divya 20 MG br2 and magnesium Bromide out of these are asking about more I need morani in case of these periods and mgbr2 anions are same Bromide Ion the

same type of my vision type of both hands in charge beryllium Diagnostic magnesium type of lesser digits polarising power means Lazarus covalent character means more is ionic character as more ok NPS is given pbcl2 ETV Bihar PVC elbow Ganesh pbcl2 is pbcl4 yaar chloride ions fix a 96k time is lead birth

place to Indian TV serial 4 + 4 is its power connector is used in C C Patil Wikipedia silver in state State State but anions are different and is in charge of iodide ion is larger Bank

number 17 top to bottom side what is the size of anion more is its polarizability character more dish for us us us now which is more ionic import these shirts this is CU + 2 - 2 + 2 x minus 2 x 2

- oxide and S2 - sulfide and sulphide ion is larger inside it is more Mor polarizability of sulphide Ion as compared to oxide Ion it is more covalent character means less is Greater in so which is more a matter of this question which this this is the answer of this question


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