When `O_2` is adsorbed on ametallic surface, electron transfer occurs from the metal to ` O_2` The TRUE statement (s) regarding this adsorption is (are)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`O_(2)` is physisorbedheat is releasedoccupancy of `pi_(2p*)` of `O_(2)` increasedbond length of `O_(2)` is increased .

Answer :


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the question is oxygen in ads on a metallic surface electron transfer occurs from the metal to oxygen that statement regarding the adsorption is or is not impacted by the physical interaction ok a work of share will be linked to the metal surface by the physical a and has it will decrease or not and so a option is correct CS optional syllabus HP laptop on the metal surface this research in the agreement in the

entropy of the oxygen to because here it is a molecule which is pretty 2nd space and metals are fit to what happens is when our boxer molecule get it over the metal puppy it degree of freedom for degree of moment decreases entropy decreases physically entropy decreases so the process will be happening with the evolution of the energy ok because our entropy decrease to H B is correct Occupancy of Pi star 2P orbital of O2 is increased to it is correct because it be looked over the electronic configuration of O2 molecule that it will be anti

padmawat has two Sigma to sq MT to sq Sigma 2px 2.22 2pz 2532 pay1 paisa to pz1 ok hour on the molecular orbitals are filled except if the extra electron come in it will come in Hindi Molecular orbital theory that the Occupancy of the pipe 2P orbitals of O2 is increased ok this is the bond length of two basically abe electrons are entering into the anterior antibonding molecular

orbital so we can say that our bond order bond order decreases a template Bond length because bond order in inversely related to di Bond length so our desorption is also correct this question will be all that I made myself clear

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