When ethanol is oxidised with excess of chlorine, it gives:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :


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with excess of chlorine what happens if we are having PS3 PS2 it is a structure of its not the oxidizing agent which alcohol into the formation of the LTE which is known as a double bond formation of oxidation we have got the LT height height and expand it is it gets so what happens

got released in the UK and what you will get even get PS2 - 1 H and negative charges structure it will be like having used to double bond St unit will be home I will be that is we are having the chlorine it will be the positive charge it will be at the negative charge real - actors living room it reacts with the present position in it gives the formation of the SPL and what we call full form ch2clcooh

and they will be the release of the two moles of HCL what will happen if we are having three PL PL PL it is having teeth turning of this compound is trichloroacetaldehyde or you can stay as you can see that it is exactly working with our second office or second option is correct but my concept thank you

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