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When atmosphere become pollute...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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When `CO_2` value is `0.03%` in atmosphereWhenB.O.D. value is 5 ppmDue to presence of EutrophicationIf concentration of dissolved oxygen of water is greater than 6 ppm

Answer : C

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hello everyone that question is when atmosphere becomes for Limited and these are the option first option is when carbon dioxide value is 0.03% in atmosphere second option is when we OD value is 5 PPM third option is due to presence of you through fixation and what option is a concentration of dissolved oxygen of water is greater than 6 PPM right so let's see the solution or latest see the solution of this question first option is when carbon dioxide value is 0.03% in atmosphere that most love you know that

atmosphere in atmosphere the carbon dioxide if carbon dioxide value is greater than or equal to 0.04% then it becomes polluted then it becomes polluted if it is greater than 0.04 or Zero OR equal to 0.04% in atmosphere And Atmosphere becomes polluted now it is 0.03% which is which is less then which is less than 0.04 so this option is so this is so in this case the atmosphere is not polluted love letters in the second option S of the sea is the audio what is this is this is a biological oxygen demand it is what biological oxygen demand so high value of biological if value of b o

d high high value of the auditor is biological oxygen demand if value of the order is high then atmosphere that is water becomes polluted water becomes polluted If body is 526 PPM water is safe it is not polluted and if it is 17 PPM or more if we OD value is 17 PPM PPM or more than we can say water is water is highly water is highly polluted what is highly polluted write about third option third of sun is due to presence of eutrophication to let us

see what is eutrophication ISRO location Shuddh Desi Gali specification is the increase of enrichment of increase of nutrient increase increase ment increase of nutrients for enrichment of nutrients in water so this leads to the disturbance in ecosystem if nutrient in water increases this will disturb ecosystem disturb eco system due to which what happens due to which the production of you can say production production of algae aur aur aquatic plant

will decrease which leads to decrease in which leads to decrease in oxygen aur you can say depletion in oxygen this whole process will lead to this process will lead to the loss of biodiversity write bio diversity so basically this statement statement number third due to the presence of eutrophication this will lead to this will lead to the atmospheric pollution option number 3 is what we also put option which is which is if concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is greater than 60 p.m. what is the what is the what is the effect aur what is the advantage of course of force is if if

concentration Ho what is option A concentration of if concentration of dissolved oxygen we can say if concentration of dissolved dissolved oxygen is below if it is below 60 CM It will lead to decrease in it will lead to decrease in growth of so statement number 43 is if the concentration of dissolved water is greater than 60 p.m. which is Greater it is not be due to environment not pollute the atmosphere option number third is so after number third is your correct option so this is your answer thank you

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