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When a lead storage battery is...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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primary cellgalvanic cellconcentration cellelectrolytic cell

Solution : When a lead storage battery is charged, it acts as an electrolytic cell.

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hello students question is when a Lead Storage battery is charged it act as when the lead to reach battery that is it is charged so when it is charged the energy is stored in the form of chemical energy aunty and when it is charged the energy is the electrical energy it means the electrical energy that converts to chemical energy that is energy which is storage stored in the Storage battery is in the form of chemical energy so it will act as think type

of the electrolytic cell because in electrolytic cell also the electrical energy is converted to the chemical energy electrical energy is converted to chemical energy as electrolysis cell that is in which city two electrodes that is one is the anode and other one is the cathode is used and electrolytic solution and these anode and cathode they are attached with the battery which provide the current to them it mean that electrical energy is used to and hear that the present the positive and negative ions are present in the electrolyte Sandeep positive and negative Ion when charged

for the current is applied to the electrode current flows between them these charges it will either liberate any gas atom metal ions are deposited metal is being deposited at the anode or cathode so the electrical energy that is converted into the chemical knowledge in the form of Ions this is the electrolytic cell lead to respiratory it will actor the electrolytic cell which is the other cell that is a fuel cell Galvanic cell and concentration cell The Other cells they convert the chemical energy to electrical energy means in them the process is the reverse to the electrolytic cell to the correct answer to this question will be the lead to it battery when it will be charged it act as the electrolytic cell correct option to this question is the option I hope you understood the solution thank you

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