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When 96500 coulomb of electric...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`0.25` mol`0.50` mol`1.00` mol`2.00` mol

Answer : B

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96500 coulomb of electricity is passed through a solution of cuso4 the amount of copper deposited will be the we have to find this copper deposited from Ferrari slow what we can say that your weight deposited which is proportional to your Equivalent weight Equivalent weight which is equal to molar mass divided bhaiya and vector if you see there is copper deposited means what is happening you copper 2 + is it safe to electron informing the copper wire this is installed so this is depositing so we have to calculate its more now you enter audio considered as well and see if you will see it over that there is two electron we can say you to for a day it is

involving over here to deposit to deposit one mole of you copper one mole of your copper this Faraday that is a which is equal to 96500 coulomb Parmod to win 96500 coulomb charge is deposited into one mole of copper then we need this let's say we need x number of moles are deposited then what we are given how much it is depositing it is depositing 96500 coulomb which is given in the question that this city is passing to calculate the number of eggs that is your more so what we do this we cross multiply it to find this this is the eggs in a number of moles which is deposited so if you find this is 2 into

96500 X which is equal to 96500 now we need this sex desires which is equal to 96500 upon 2 into 96500 of this has been cancelled from this ex comes out to be one upon two it can be written as point 5 get to know that your point five more it is getting deposited when you are putting your electricity that is 96500 Kulam of electricity is passing in Hindi solution of your cuso4 than the amount of copper deposited that is point 5 more this is the in terms of moon you can calculate by weight also that is we know number of moles that is your given mass and molar mass number of moles we have calculated we want to know about the way deposited monument that is 63.5 of you copper then the way deposited it

comes out to be Swades 31.75 G so this was your mass deposited and this was your mood deposited man 96500 coulomb of electricity is passed according to that your bhi option will be right answer

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - VMC MODULES ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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