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Class 12






Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry


When 400 g of a 20% solution b...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello student question is when 400 gram of a 20% solution by weight was cooled 50 gram of solute precipitated what is the percentage by mass of solute in the remaining solution of 8.57 % to 15% please 12.2 5% and is 9.5 so can this question was given that 400 for 20% solution by street went to a school 50 gram of the solute was precipitated so we have to calculate the mass of percentage by mass of solute that will remaining in the given 20% solution by treat 20% solution by weight it mean

it means 20% will be tell you and 80% will be the solvent now mass of the solute will be we can calculate mass of solute will be 20% of the total solution page that is 20 upon hundred into 400 gram that will be equal to eating Ram mass of the solute and mass of solvent will be 80% solvent tomato solvent will be 80 upon hundred into 400 that will be equals to 320 gram and it is obvious if it RAM is solute

mass and total weight of solution is 400 gram then 320 will be the solvent now it is given in the question that when the solution was cooled 50 gram of the solute was precipitated if we see initially happiness solution 80 gram of the solvent solute was present and when it was cooled then 50 grams of the solute it was precipitated or we can cure this so this was precipitated and it is up to 50% interest 50 gram and 50 gram it is taken out and then the weight of solute that will remain in the solution will be

weight or mass of solute remaining in the solution will be then it at 50 gram of the precipitate they were taken out and collected and in the filtrate mass will be left will be initially it was eating and 51 precipitate is to 2018 - 50 that will be equals to 30 g and mass of the solution remaining will be Vikas complete solution also that 50 Ram has been precipitated and removed so much of pollution will also be that is initially it was 400 - 50 that will be equals to 350 km 400 - 350 can that will be equals to 400 - 50 will be equals to

50 gram now we have to calculate the mass percentage of the solute percent marks of solute in solution will be the mass of solute present finally that is 30 gram to total mass of solution now 350 grams in 208 is equals to 8.75 this is the percent by mass of the solute in the solution to correct answer this question in option 8.57 I hope you understood it thank you

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