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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test-20 | Jee-2020


When 20g of CaCO_3 is put i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : `CaCO_3 = CaO+CO_2` <br> Initial. Moles of `CO_2` formed =0.65[0.2]=0.13 moles <br> `k_p=P_(CO_2)=(0.13xx0.0821xx1073)/11.45`=1

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hello how to request an issue when 20 G of caco3 is put into a 11.45 litre flask and heated to 800 degree Celsius 30% 5 PS3 Demons and associated at equilibrium calculate the value of KP for the reaction is caco3 solid is in equilibrium with solid CO2 gas calculate the initial concentration of caco3 the molecular weight of caco3 equal to 103 is given as 20 gram 100 gram

ncsu 3 equals to 3 upon mghco32 2802 0.2 now concentration of caco3 equals to a 3 / volume of solution 20.2 / given the volume 11.45 to 11.45 will be molarity can also set consideration to our initial concentration is something these letters of this is not be after not initially at equilibrium it says that 35% of a reminder men and associated so the amount of caco3 dissociated

amount of caco3 amount of caco3 the dissociated is 100 - 35% that is equal to 65% 0.65 now at equilibrium we can write not minus alpha tanot and so it will be not alpha and it will be also cannot Alpha write the expression for KC so case equal to centration of CO2 gas because

another to sing is solid and it is taken as one so this will be the value of KC and calculating equal to tanot Alpha and Sinu Sinu 20.2 11.4 500.22 upon 11.45 into alpha 0.65 and installing this we get the value of KC as 0.011 now to find KP KP equal to Kaisi into Aati to the power Delta NG where Delta NG

number of gaseous product manager number of gaseous reactant to here we have one product in gaseous product site and no no gets trapped and therefore the value of delta and she will be one so we have AC right now have calculated 0.011 into that we do 0.082 into temperature in kelvin scale for the given temperature 800 vs Alto 800 + 73 now on solving this we get the value of KP as it will be 0.96 7 ATM per litre ATM per litre

understand thank you for watching the video

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