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What will be the work done on ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Suppose total volume of the gas is `V_(i)` and pressure of the gas inside cylinder is p. After compression by constant external pressure, `(p_("ext"))` in a single step, final volume of the gas becomes `V_(f)`. <br> Then volume change, `Delta v = (V_(f) - V_(i))` <br> If W is the work done on the system by movement of the piston, then <br> `W = P_("ext") (-Delta V)` <br> `W = - p_("ext") (V_(f) - V_(i))` <br> This can be calculated from `p - V` graph as shown in the figure. Work done is equal to the shaded are `ABV_(f)V_(i)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> The negative sign in this expression is required to obtain conventional sign for W which will be positive. Because in case of compression work is done on the system, so `Delta V` will be negative

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ok hello everyone know this question says that what will be the work done on an ideal gas is enclosed in a cylinder when it is compressed by a constant pressure depression which is external a single step as shown in the figure and your skin and graphically we have been given the attachment that this was the initial pressure applied to the external pressure applied after which the volume became vs MI final so we can clearly see that a video compression is happening that wins final volume is less than the initial volume that we write V final is less than Venus this is something that we can also see in this figure Swades try to understand this within graph redmi draw graph for Supaul to access and control the accessible so were here in the y-axis know that

we take pressure and over here in the x-axis take volume so let's say this is our pressure vary as this is at peace and this was the initial volume sensitive in compress let it was at a position after compression we reach the artistry volume decreases the final volume volume degree this is the case of compression where we can clearly see that the volume is increasing from A to B 16 the formula for calculating the work done is -1 time bhi final minus b nice is the formula to calculate the work done so far

can see that the file volume is less than the initial volume to therefore this particular thing with the positive because we fibre is Bina shall be negative turn since been finalized and hence this particular thing will become negative and negative into this negative value to positive then and that is what we say that work done in compression is positive we can really add this graph to represent a compression of the from in which the volume is decreasing from A to B with this week of Data Solution thank you

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