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what products are formed durin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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I onlyI and II only I and III onlyI,II and III

Answer : D

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hello 2 10th question is what products are formed during the electrolysis of concentrated aqueous solution of sodium chloride 25 chlorine kaksha 10 and aqua and hydrogen get at cathode this question is given that we have to answer that the product which accounting policies of the concentrated aqueous solution the product has given our cl2 at anode chlorine gas at anode and check the solution and hydrogen gas at cathode so we have to find out that either 123 123 which will be formed if we write the reaction electrolysis reaction AC was concentrated concentrated aqueous solution of sodium chloride it means NaCl when it will be dissolved in aqua solution it will form an A+ and CL minus sign also water will be there which will also break to

form h positive and negative mind now we see that at cathode and anode different reactions takes place at anode at anode the oxidation takes place anodic reactions can be the chloride ions by accepting sorry by losing electron it can form chlorine ka and electrode potential of this 1.36 v -1.3 64 reduction potential if we have to find oxidation and find Positive and purchasing also water can be oxidized which will form for

h positive for electrons and Oxygen gas will be produced and its electrode potential is -1.2 3 vote now at anode oxidation takes place and at cathode reduction takes place at cathode reduction of the oxidizing species will take place and reduction of any positive and its plus can take place It will be any positive + electron it will form a solid Mitthu in sodium metal will be deposited and its electrode potential is -2.718 for h positive it will form the hydrogen gas and electrode potential of this is 0.0 volt also water can be reduced as to H2O

plus two electron it will form H2 gas and Hydroxide ions electrode potential is -4.3 now you will see at anode the oxidation takes place it means which is the more reducing agent the oxidation state oxidation of reducing written text is it means which has been less potential less reduction potential to the species which has less reduction potential is this it means at anode chlorine that will be obtained at anode chlorine gas will be obtained now at cathode if we see reduction treaties and reduction of the oxidizing agent takes place it has which has more oxidising power it means which has more

positive potential 50 among these reaction this reduction reaction the hydrogen has the more positive potential that is zero w because these are in negative but water is a very weak electrolyte but water due to weak electrolyte 2 X + concentration at room temperature that is 25 degrees celsius at plus concentration is very low that is almost around 10 raise to power minus 7 Muda this concentration is too low show the H plus will not be reduced Intex water will be reduced which has neck -4.8 TSI potential

that is next positive potential to H positive because it has more negative potential sodium has so water will be reduced at Katwar Sonet reaction at anode and cathode it will be at cathode the reaction would be to H2O plus two electron it is forming H2 gas and Hydroxide Ion this reduction half cell and at anode the oxidation of CL minus let's to CL minus it is producing cl2 ka and 2 electrons are the reaction is net reaction is that in which electrons are not present these electrons and get cancelled so

it will be 2 H2O + 2 CL minus it is forming H2 to watch negative and cl2 aur we can write IATA invite + water it is forming sorry NaCl plus water because it is equals NaCl solution it is forming any white H2 gas and cl2 gas so sweet tea at cathode reaction is producing hydrogen it means at cathode hydrogen gas is liberated at anode chlorine gas is liberated also and it will be produced as aqua solution

the three given product that is chlorine at anode and check the solution and hydrogen at Katwar all the three products will be so the correct answer to this question is the option 12 and the option is the correct answer I hope you understood this solution thank you

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NARENDRA AWASTHI ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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