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Mole Concept And Stoichiometry


What mass of oxygen will conta...

What mass of oxygen will contain 2 mol of `O_(2)` molecules? Molar mass of `O_(2)` is 32 g` mol^(-1)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Mass = Mole `xx` Molar mass =2 mole `xx32 g mol^(-1)` =64g


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hello everyone question is what mass of Oxygen will contain 2 mole of O2 molar mass of O2 age 32 gram per mole this question molar mass of O2 is given and total mass of 2 moles of oxygen molecules is OK so how can we find the answer of this question when molar mass is given and number of moles are given then we can find directly the mass by using the formula mass is equals to use the formula

PLI is equals to O2 molecules mass of O2 molecules is equal to most number of into molar mass molar mass molar mass of O2 this is the problem by using this formula we can find the molar mass even number of moles given we can calculate the mass of molecule ok now by putting the values in this problem

by coating the values in this formula number of moles are given to moles to Munh ok and molar mass of water molecules 32 gram per mole unit is gram per mole mole cancelled now to into 32 this will come 6464 G so this is the answer of this question airport the answer of this question is 64 answer

four G 64 G the mass of oxygen molecules having to ok thank you