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Class 11






Atomic Structure


What is the total number of o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`7 "orbitals", 14" electrons"``6"orbitals", 12" electrons"``5 "orbitals", 10" electrons"``3 "orbitals", 6" electrons"`

Solution : The configaration of the atom of atomic number `30 `is `1s^(2)2s^(2)3s^(6)3p^(6)3d^(10)4s^(2)` This will have `7` orbital of `m = 0` in `7` orbiit number of electrons are `7 xx x2 = 14`

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in the question is asked to a start what are the total number of orbitals and electrons present in an atom is a 44 towns and we have to find the total number of orbitals and electron or which equals to zero and = 20 and 21 let's write down the electronic configuration of the saturn because we know the atomic number atomic number is 30 why because in a neutral atom the number of protons is equal to number of electrons in its electronic configuration which will be 22826 cs206 compass editor

electronic configuration of the given item now let's check how many orbitals are there with an equal to zero for any for any the value of M ranges from - 2 + n sunao let check for each of the orbital for ay 2020-21 considered to be considered the cause for a is orbital and equals to zero and will also be zero supernatant was there now but pep8 some Minds 12 + 12 - 10

ok an orbital from topi will be there when hospital from to P then there anyone orbitals 133 and some also register - L2 L3 also there will be an orbital and their total how many orbitals 1234567 Total Hospital with an equal to zero ok now what you have to find you have to find electrons in each of these so that in one else will be two electrons in 2S there will be two electrons not topi topi

will be to electrons will be two electrons 33 police electrons day is also filled with liquid two electrons is also clear that once every two electron and total electrons with how many to in 27 times late Patang Patang electrons this is the answer 7 orbitals and listed businesses which are options first option S orbital spoken electrons is the final answer

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