What is the formula unit of Na2O ? What is the co-ordination no. ratio ?


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hello Happy Birthday are question is what is the formula unit of na2o and what is the coordination number ratio to his a solution the any to have anti fluorite structure in NO2 minus and will occupy the fcc lattice where is the any positive Ion occupy the tetrahedral voids in here we know that for asset is the value of that is the number of atoms per unit cell will be the four so here are the tetrahedral voids will be the price of the number of atoms per unit cell so here the tetrahedral voids will be a source from here we can see that here we have any 84 and can also write a letter as a fore to go from here it is clear that here the formula unit is ko this is the formula unit in Hindi question we have also asked about the coordination number ratio here we know that any positive and in present in the tetrahedral voids in the tetrahedral voids
have coordination number equals to 4 and we know that the coordination number is equal to the charges of first of all we will see the charge ratio 4 ratio for any positive in a minus 2 is there any person has charge one where is the O2 - have charged to Sohail the charge ratio will be 1 is to 2 so hair coordination number will be coordination number ratio will be the any positive coordination number 4 then the O2 - have coordination number 82 here the coordination number ratio will be porous 28 2008

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