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What is the equilibrium consta...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : According to Gibbs-Helmhotz equation <br> `DeltaG^(Theta) = DeltaH^(Theta) - T DletaS^(Theta)` <br> `= 77.2 - 400 xx 122 xx 10^(-3)` <br> `28.4 kJ = 28.4 xx 10^(3)J` <br> We know `DeltaG^(Theta) =- 2.303 RT log_(10)K_(c)` <br> `:. log_(10)K_(c) = (-DeltaG^(@))/(2.303RT)` <br> `=(28.4xx10^(3))/(2.303xx8.314xx400) = - 3.7081` <br> `K_(c) = antilog (-3.7081) = 1.958 xx 10^(-4)`

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hello student welcome to doubtnut latest look at the question that have been given to us so the question has said that what is the equilibrium constant KC for the following reaction at 400 Kelvin and I have been given reaction here and delta H for the same is also given that is 77.2 Kilo joule per mole and the value of delta is also given at 400 Kelvin latest Trance all that now as we all know according to gift helmholtz equation we have Delta G = delta H - of The Delta right now we have to substitute the value of delta H and S so we can do that 77.2 right kilo joule per mole - of we have temperature which is 400 Kelvin and Delta As given as 122

Pa K formule ok now Trance all this so if you just do the math the value that will be getting will be equal to 28.4 into 10 raise to the power 3 jewels ok now we also have studied about the another equation of delta Chi that will be equal to minus of 2.303 Aarti log KC right now from here I can write down Loki ciaz log KC will be equal to Delta G - upon 2.303 Aarti right now substitute all the values so the liturgy we have already calculated that is nothing

but equal to 2 28.4 into 10 raise to the power 3 Jules K and B have to remind us of so we have 2.303 into the value of art that is we know that is a constant value is equal to 8.314 into the temperature that is 400 ok now if you just call this the answer that we get is minus of point 7081 right but you don't have to find the value of log KC so lock AC is -3.708 one right so case the equal to antilog of -3.708 one right which will be equal to

equal to 1.958 into 10 raise to the power minus 4 write this is the answer to our quiet problem ok I hope you understand thank you

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