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Jee Mains


What is the effect of release ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Global warming Photochemical smogOzone layer depletionTsunami

Answer : A

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West Indies and be habit-forming depletion and discuss about India in detail the effect of carbon and then I will

photochemical smog when the automobile of smoke released by automobile mixed with the photochemical beta Kari effect of carbon dioxide gas not necessary the Holocaust for the photochemical smog this option is important chemical is not only caused by CO2 gas various other elements in

example if my machine is more we also have various Sulphur dioxide and various other gases with A2DP ozone layer depletion layer depletion is the depletion of O3 molecule the layer

at present in refrigerator what happens in my is the chlorine molecules of the O3 molecule and molecule of CO2 gas book Li no effect on this

aap sunami generated basically when we have earthquake earthquake and how is it earthquake generated from the bank of the generation of earthquake is shifting tectonic shift in the tectonic plates earthquake is generated and incorrect carbon dioxide gas totally no relation

finally coming to the last option writing Kitna talking about global warming is caused due to gas and other only type greenhouse now we know that radiations are coming in from Sun City Asian come on come on earth and most of the radiation coming in

this is the radiation coming in and this is going into the space in the atmosphere of the earth these gases and radiation not able to bounce back with minor part of the radiation that space which was actually to be reflected and global warming according to the question of carbon dioxide gas

mummy global warming basically the temperature temperature of rounding and Earth counter global warming forestation up as a plant or at least they take in carbon dioxide and global warming the correct

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