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Chemical Kinetics


What is the difference in rate...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Rate law is an experimentally derived relation whereas law of mass action is a theoretical relation based on balanced chemical equation.


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love Patel question is what is the difference between Rate Law and law of mass action basically rate of wages is a experimental data directory cannot find anywhere it is mentioned that that's the reactions a + b and company with a plus bi to convert into 3 + 3 is mentioned that this is your way too many years it is mint cigarette is a element is missing a database in that case we can find the rate of respiration otherwise directly by looking anyways we cannot find the rate of reaction server cannot find the rate law so if you see this rate expression at a given this is your Odisha state MS Red Tape or it is given it is a single step reaching that this Rate Law expression will be a in a to the power 1 and B to the power but if it is not given that it is

Odisha not if it is not given with RDS or something else that support of this is a complex station in that case here it can be a x and y and value of x can be any event it will not depends on the activity Coefficient ok so for Complex reactions we cannot find the rate expression so that is Rate Law and according to read it is change in Paint in consultation with respect to time time we can see that it is elementary or if it is given by X ^ value of x and y is given question in that case we can find the right but it is not given then we cannot find the weight of any reaction what what is law of mass action

what law of mass action law of mass action latest defined when fractions is reversible basically a + b company with each other to form price of this is a different direction price of oneplus 3 according to this law of mass action rate of production is this is the rate of Direction This is rate of backward direction rate of Forward Action will be directly proportional to concentration of reactant to the power station metric efficient now we can be defined this rate of Forward direction and restore backup and restore according to this law rate of backward direction will be directly proportional to the concentration of product to their specific official and if you remove this this % then in the place of that we have to take

times of A and B are we will be equal to Costume for one direction and hear how to take rate constant of backward direction and it will be a square and so for any kind of features we can define rate of acquisition by this method according to law of mass action button Rate Law can be determined if it is mentioned in question because Rate Law is totally experimental data I hope you understand it's all said thank you


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