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What is the difference between...

What is the difference between lyophobic sol and lyophilic sol?



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Updated On: 25-3-2021

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Text Solution

Solution :
Lyophilic soles : are formed by simple mixing of dispersion medium with substance like gum straches .They ar reversible sols <br> Lysophlic sol are prepered only by special method as they are not prepared by simple mixing of substances with dispersion medium .They are irreversible sols.



00:00 - 00:59let's start this question this question we are given what is the difference between the lyophobic as well as lab with so now we are given to type of soul that is one is live and another one is lyophilic now if you take the compare compare the names of these two this refers to the liquid ad phobic maze heating it is the liquid hating soul this that liquidating so where does it take the case of the life feeling it is live mean towards the required and fill it means loving that made it is the liquid loving soul this is the one basic and I'm major difference between these two that one is the liquid hating soul and another one
01:00 - 01:59is liquid loving so now what does this mean liquidating and liquid living we know that in a solution aur vacancy in applied solution there are two components one is the dispersed phase and another one is the dispersion medium now this dispersed phase is just analogous to the solute in the solution and dispersion medium is analogous to the solvent in the solution how we know the component of solution which is present in large amount it is called as solvent and solute is dissolved in that solvent now this is just and allows the dispersed phase and dispersion medium now and this liquid heating so there is no affinity no affinity between these two that is the no affinity between dispersed phase and dispersion medium that's why it is a liquid hitting
02:00 - 02:59so we know that this dispersion medium actors solvent through this is the liquidating so but in this case the liquid level soul means that there is a affinity between dispersed phase and dispersed phase and dispersion medium which is the basic difference now in this case we know that there is no affinity between dispersed phase and dispersion medium so they are difficult to prepare difficult to prepare and requires special techniques for the preparation require special techniques whereas in this case they are easy to prepare and does not require any special technique easy to prepare now because they require special technique they are
03:00 - 03:59Irreversible in nature because they are reversible nature because of the need of the several special technique for the preparation Irreversible Where are in this case these are reversible now one more difference if we discussed in this case that is there is are quite stable quite unstable because of lack of a vinati between the dispersed phase and dispersion medium and they can be precipitated is PPT formation takes place and formation Where are these are quite stable because of the same cage and cannot be precipitated Java disk examples in case of lyophobic soul the examples are
04:00 - 04:59metal salts sulphur soul these are the example now in metal shows we can say gold solar cell was a you are a Rasul these are the basic examples for and in case of lyophilic examples are proteins and star shoes Sudhir are the basic difference and examples between the life of big as well as the life Felix so so this is the solution thank you so much

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