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What is the co-ordination nu...

What is the co-ordination number of sodium in `Na_(2)O` ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 4


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hello everyone let's start this question but the question says what is the coordination number of sodium in a network now wherever na2o type oxide of sodium and we know that it is an anti fluoride type structure and T fluorite structure no attribute structure it is any positive and negative are present and we know that size of photo negative is greater than that of any positive Hindi shaadi isoelectronic species so ho to negative will occupy the CCP where as any positive will occupy the t words tetrahedral voids all we know that number of tetrahedral void is double that of number of atoms in CCP so the value of that that is will be equal to you know that value

4 in case of CP and in case of t word it will be 8 Vikas the value of t words is twice that of the CCP from here we will calculate the formula unit that is it will have any 8 and Vivo 4 64 amplified will be for na2o from where we can get that there are four formula and it is are the formula units of any two now we have to find the coordination number of na2o now there is one way to find the coordination number this was to that of number of atoms that is the value of said that is the coordination number is 8 in case of photo negative Where are coordination number is 4 in case of any positive

these are the coordination number for na2o coordination thank you so much