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Chemical Equilibrium And Acids-bases


What is solubilityy product? E...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Solubility product: It can be defined as the product of concentration of cation and anion of a salt present in a saturated aqueous solution. <br> It is denoted with `K_(sp)`. <br> Units of `K_(sp)=("Mole"//"Lt")^(n)` <br> where `n=` Total number of ions that can be given by salt per molecule on ionization. <br> Factors effecting `K_(sp):K_(sp)` can be effected by two factors only. <br> There are a. nature of substance b. temperature. <br> Significance: Solubility product is very important in preferential precipitation process in qualitative analysis. <br> The solubility of an electrolyte in water decreases by the addition of another electrolyte which has one ion common with the electrolyte. <br> For example the solubility of NaCl decreases on addition of HCl to solution of NaCl in water which is known as salting out of water. <br> Acetic acid is weak acid and it undergoes partial ionization as follows. <br> `CH_(3)COOHhArrCH_(3)COO^(-)+H^(+)` <br> In case o such electrolytes there exists an equilibrium in between ions and molecular form. In such a condition the addition of electrolyte with common ions shifts teh equilibrium in backward direction which causes the decrease in solubility. <br> Significance: <br> 1. common ion effect is an important phenomenon in qualitative analysis. <br>the common ion effect principle is also used in controlling the `H^(+)` ion concentration in buffer solution.

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