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What is meant by the conjugate...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `NO_(2^(-)),HCN,ClO_(4),HF,H_(2)O,HCO_(3^(-)),HS^(-)`
Solution : A conjugate acid-base pair is a pair that differs only by one proton. <br> The conjugate acid-base for the given species is mentioned in the table below. <br> `{:("Species","Conjugate acid-base"),(HNO_(2),NO_(2)^(-)("base")),(CN^(-),HCN("acid")),(HClO_(4),ClO_(4)^(-)("base")),(F^(-),HF("acid")),(OH^(-),H_(2)O("acid")//O^(2-)("base")),(CO_(3)^(2-),HCO_(3)^(-)("acid")),(S^(2-),HS^(-)("acid")):}`

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question is what is meant by the conjugate acid base pair find the conjugate acid base for the following speaking to the negative hclo4 as negative negative co3 and as to negative so we are to find the conjugate acid base pair but first of all we will define what is a conjugate acid base pair conjugate acid base pair these are the basically pairs of acids bases which are formed from each other by the gain or loss of proton the desert formed from each other by the gain or lot of proton night for example we have taken any acid in negative its positive now it is acid because it can donate at positive if it is donating at positive it this would be the product

and because this is acid with a negative would be its conjugate base so conjugate acid base pair over there and similarly we can write for our days a negative is a place which can accept at positive and can form a negative it possible to distance between base this will be its conjugate acid after accepting exquisite and this will be conjugate acid again these are the conjugate acid base pair effect 1 hour is which is and it now hno2 has its positive feedback and giveaway at positive and conform NO2 negative and positive 2 is donating a positive it is acid and NO2 negative would be conjugate then we have a negative now she and negative can accept as positive can accept that positive

and hence can be obtained because it is accepting h positive that is why it's based wicket acids have tendency to give away or lose that positive and b is a tendency to gain at 1:45 if it is Ganesh positive it is coming at then it is a base and this hands would be conjugate acid then we have hclo4 is therefore can give a positive outcome clo4 negative and positive that were acting as acid and this will be its conjugate base then we have as negative it can accept it positive inform actor because accepting it would be base and acid is conjugate acid then we have over it negative again can accept it positive and form water because this is based at positive it is conjugate acid than 32 negative again can accept at positive and conform hco3 negative because it's the

base it would be fine Jagat acid when we have as to negative it also can accept as positive and form it is negative Vikas accepting at positive oxidase and this should be respectively after accepting the at positive to these are the their respective conjugate acid or base

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