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Class 7






Elements Compounds And Mixtures.


What is meant by stationary ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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what is meant by stationary phase and mobile phase in the process of chromatography if you know about the chromatography what is chromatography chromatography is a separation technique what is it is a separation technique for separating of mixture separating separation technique of mixture ok so chromatography in please to face here stationary phase and mobile phase what is stationary phase and stationary Phase II dost phase vichar not moving face which you can say not moving I will understand you why these are called not moving and the other phase is mobile face mobile phase are you can say moving one ok so let's take an example to understand it better off if you see we have to say

Rita mixture suppose we have signed plus water with a mixture of two two-component sand and water and we have to separate suppose we have to separate it from a process of chromatography what we do is we take a container ok and put filter paper here support this is a filter paper I'll put filter paper here and then we will flow the mixture through it the following mixture it will result in water in this side and All Saints will be on the filter paper so this is a separation technique here you can see this is separation technique in which we have output as water at either side and sand as the other side so what are the stationary phase and mobile Phase II II if you see

filter paper is not moving part this is stationary pay you can say the filter paper which we having to pass the solvent to the mixture of this is a mixture vichar which we are passing through the filter paper so filter paper is not moving which is the stationary phase you can say stationary phase and the moving part which is the moving forward the mixture is movie you can see the mixture is moving from this to this site we can see the mixture is moving so what will see the mixture is mobile face ok I hope you understand that how this two faces are worked in the process of chromatography so this is all about thank you

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