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What is meant by hydroboration-oxidation reaction ? Illustrate it with an example.


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The addition of diborane to alkenes to form trialkyl boranes followed by their oxidation with alkaline hydrogen peroxide to form alcohols is called hydroboration-oxidation. For example.
Hydroboration oxidation amounts to anti Markonikov addition of water to the unsymmetrical alkene.
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hello the question is what is meant by hydroboration Oxidation reaction illustrate with the help of example hydroboration oxidation is an addition type of reaction addition type of reaction in which borane is address so we can explain it with the help of an example just like if it take a protein molecule in this protein molecule we have to add a dipole a molecule this type of a molecule is pH to hydro now this hydrogen this as to the carbon and bh21 8 to 10 carbon so formation of
CH3 ch2 ch2 ch2 occurs in this group we again add one more protein molecule we were at protein molecule until and unless all the hydrogen are substituted by the alkylene groups in group so there are also formation of CH3 ch2 try again we add one more protein molecule disturbing molecule against situated on the rest of the hydrogen left in diborane that's why formation of history ch2 twice thrice molecule plus Boron occurs and after that oxidation occurs for oxidation water molecule is
in the presence of hydrogen peroxide the formation of CH3 ch2 ch2 + be twice so by this process we can convert a protein molecules to propane propan 1 OL Malik thank you very much

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