What is meant by `E_1 and E_2` reactions ? Discuss the two mechanisms by taking suitable examples.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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question is what is meant by E1 and E2 reaction discuss the two mechanism by taking suitable example ok first even stand for uni molecular elimination reaction of first order second tertiary alkyl halide and secondary alkyl halide undergo elimination reaction in presence of and colleague Kevat and third is and third is it is to step mechanism Tahsil Kai highlights Kendriya alkyl halide

primary alkyl halide but more is tertiary alkyl halides undergo elimination reaction to IL Karbonn ke time example of tertiary alkyl halide is tertiary alkyl halide is slow step and it will form tertiary carbon Lassi and negative this is a step toward his elimination of proton from the flea carbon to produce and ok so this is

OK Google take on it from here Proton remove it is a fast C double bond ch2 csv + water reaction and cycle is E2 reaction stand for bimolecular elimination reaction the rate of E2 depend on concentration of alkyl halide and base s s s

Primary alkyl halide undergoes this reactions of alcoholic ke veg it is one step ahead is it is one step reaction hooking the mechanism that follow is c h h CH3 ch2 CL this is a primary alkyl halide in the presence of alcoholic which attack on this hydrogen and it will form CH3 Ch double bond ch2 + water + kcn this is about E1 and E2 reactions

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