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What is hygroscopy?...

What is hygroscopy?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone the question what is hygroscopic they are asking about hygroscopic from what is hygroscopic hygroscope phenomenon of attracting and cooling water molecules ok so it is the phenomena of attracting the attracting and holding booking moulding of water molecules and this holding or attraction of water molecules can be taken place via option ok in which the water molecule is fully taken inside the substance or adsorption in which the water molecule is just aur attracted only up to the surface of the substance from the surrounding

Sabhi surrounding so this usually takes place at normal room temperature ok which is usually suit does not require any particular high or low temperature for the take for this phenomenon to take place it takes place at normal room temperature so what happens if these substances that letters phenomenon is a wiring Sophie there is this substances of these substances that are that follow the hygroscopic phenomena are called hygroscopic substances higrow example of an hygroscopic substance is silica ok silica Silica Gel to you must

see mostly that Silica Gel small package of Kajal medicine boxes or empty boxes HSB new by plastic container ok aur water bodies yourself team that there are small packet is small packet of cigarettes in their very hydroscopic in nature they are involved are there a play a role in soaking absorbing all the moisture that might get created inside the box ok moisture and humidity it absorbs it keeps the container moisture for humidity free ok now what happened what is the use of faith that if we remove moisture and height of humidity from that a medicine boxes and that closed container prevent the formation of mould ok was so I can see fungal these are the uses of some hygroscopic

substances and the phenomena that it takes usko piece that was explanation thank you

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