What is `E^(c)._(red)` for the reaction`: Cu^(2+)+2e^(-) rarr Cu` in the half cell `Pt_(S^(2)|CuS|Cu)`. if `E^(c-)._(Cu^(2+)|Cu)` is `0.34V` and `K_(sp)` of `CuS=10^(-35)`?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
`E_(S^(2-)|CuS|Cu)=E^(c-)._(Cu^(2+)|Cu)+(0.059)/(2)log K_(sp)CuS` <br> `=0.34+(0.059)/(2)log10^(-35)=-0.925V`


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hello my dear serial welcome to my question is what is the what is the United action for the reaction A + 2 equal to platinum and copper is not a it is not to eat 0.234 and we have to find the SP of us that is 10 ki power minus 35 how to turn to find the temperature at at at at equilibrium that is equal to show attitude is said that is equal to zero

not that is equal so we can right here at of that is used to that of us and that is equal to 3 + 2 + 0.059 one upon in that is number of electrons that is and love is a show that is solubility product of 0.34 Plus plus plus of 0.05 9 1 upon 2 and love

of a given 10 ki power of 10 based in one and it will goes and in multiplication to be right here 0.4 - 5 - 34 0.059 1.2 will get you will get that - of zero point 6925 our answer that is port the fineness of 0.69 25

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