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Class 12






Chemical Equilibrium


What is chamical equilibrium ?...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Permanency of equilibrium Approachability from either side Incompleteness of reaction All of these

Answer : D

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the question is what is chemical equilibrium write the characteristics of the chemical is the state of it is the state of a chemical reaction rate of reaction and actions in bb CC najdeek small battery coefficient of the formation of the reaction rate of the forward reaction

where is water chemical equilibrium now according to the law of mass action for a reaction at equilibrium we can find out the equilibrium constant in terms of concentration in terms of pressure on to find out in terms of concentration of the product list to the store symmetric Coefficient right right / the concentration of the again raised to the chemical reaction and chemical equilibrium of now that we change the concentration temperature pressure

at equilibrium speed change the concentration and temperature of pressure of the conditions at equilibrium at will happen the reaction mixture to a particular reaction this happens due to the opposes the changes that have been the reaction at chemical equilibrium at this type of equilibrium is dynamic in nature

reactant having converted to product and actions and reactions at the rate at which product is not going to stop that can be attained from both sides that it can be obtained from both direction of direction also so the sum of the characteristic

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