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P-block Elements -i


What is catenation? Describe b...

What is catenation? Describe briefly the catenation property of carbon.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Catenation: It is the phenomenon of an atom to form a strong covalent bond with the atoms of itself. Carbon shares the property of catenation to maximum extent because it is small in size and can form `p pi -p pi` multiple bonds to itself. The following conditions are necessary for catenation <br> (i) The valency of element is greater than or equal to two. <br> (ii) Element should have an ability to bond with itself. <br> (iii)The self bond must be as strong as its bond with other elements. <br> (iv) Kinetic inertnessof catenated compound towards other molecules. <br> Carbon possess all the above properties and forms a wide range of compounds with itself.


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