What is an 'adsorption isotherm ? Describe Freundlich adsorption isotherm.


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question is what is an adsorption isotherm describe the friendly adsorption isotherm the relation between the amount of substance adsorbent bi the adsorbent and the equilibrium gas pressure and constant temperature is call friendly adsorption isotherm the variation
of extent of adsorption with pressure at a particular temperature was given mathematically by friendly from adsorption isotherm the following observations can easily made first at at low pressure at low pressure acts upon M is directly proportional to p aur X upon Amy vehicle 2K p where K is constant and the graph is straight line X upon and pressure this is a straight line graph which shows that xporn M is directly proportional to the pressure at high pressure X upon amical to constant
which is upon M is directly proportional to P not because P not equal to 1 X upon M equal to K P norva case constant the graph almost constant which means that acts upon and becomes independent of it becomes constant here and third one is in the intermediate range of pressure in this X upon M is directly proportional to p to the power 1 by N M will depend upon the power of pressure which lies between 0 to 1 upon m is equal to K and n
equal to 123 and so on the our relationship is called adsorption isotherm ok the graph of friendly adsorption adsorption isotherm in term of friendly ok this is exponent which is extent of adsorption and this is pressure ok first we see that it is the graph at low pressure the graphics state line so I will draw straight line then at then at intermediate in the grass is that at high pressure it become constant
ok so this is X upon equal to KP and bases xporn M equal to KP power and disease X upon a call to KP 9 which is constant and temperature constant and spinners which is saturation pressure at this point pressure become constant

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