What is an adsorption isotherm? Describe Freundlich adsorption isotherm.


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hello everyone question is what is an adsorption isotherm describe a friend at rockton isotherm so firstly we will see what is adsorption isotherm so it is nothing but a lot lot between load between amount of the gas amount of gas at the amount of the gas ab for G o a v belt so what is adsorption isotherm it is a plot between amount of gas at PG allotment no s bi m
this is the age of advertisement act by a people and At government in address an isothermal set by and pressure Ho advocate and constant temperature constant temperature now at option isotherm is load between amount of gas at lower per gram of a advertisement which is aquarium and pressure of the ab at constant temperature now we will see what is friendly friend tune Andy isotherm
it represent x is equal to K P H B and and mounted pressure at motored pressure excess amount of amount of cash at what amount of cash at sold anagram M G for rent at night while km H K and a
l l contact contact No if I had to plot a graph let's play We plot a graph and this is our Facebook Sachin Sharma which is equal to K P power 1 by N this is our advertisement X by M S K and various pressure and this is ab now what will do leaptech log 29 equation
low on both side with what will come low 1m = 20 + 1 by 10 lock again I have a foot and another graph of regulation is a this is a slope intercept and this is the advertisement we have to log on both side and this is low pressure now this graph also has some condition condition let se condition condition condition is when 1 a phone and PC 0
then what will happen please at upon an hour at 4.30 cause that AB band will be constant and second condition let's say when one and is equal to 1 then what will happen and act upon and will be equals to 2010 and is directly proportional to pressure this is the full answer of our question it has been asking the question what will be the adsorption isotherm and Ayesha Khan and we have found it we have explained that the author and we have explain and Jerry thank you

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