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Chemical Bonding


What is a lone pair of electro...

What is a lone pair of electrons ?


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hello everyone the question is what is a lone pair of electrons this question asking us about lone pairs of electrons electrons are there electron sasarie valence electrons that are present on the outermost shell of an atom which are not shared with another atom or which are not involved in Bond formation of let me write down for a lone pair is a Balam electron pair of Valence Electrons that they are present in the one is orbital which which is not shared not sure another atom with another atom aur involved in Bond formation

Tu as we know that only the outermost electrons of the atom are involved in sharing by the sharing or you can say losing or accepting of electron orbitals in the electrons in outermost orbitals are involved in the bond formation all the inner electrons of the in orbitals are not involved in any such activities so only the valence electrons in valence orbital are inverting sharing or losing or accepting of electrons now what happens if these electrons that the electrons LIC that are not used in Bond formation are called a loan or sometimes you can also call upon nonbonding nonbonding care so because they are not involved in bone bone formation so we can also called nonbonding pair

let me give you an example for loan purpose to Live T V know that oxygen has 6 electrons in outermost shell 123456 anything that hydrogen has one electron unisoft emotion now in the formation of a water molecules which requires one Oxygen and to her so how is that home with C No 1 2 3 4 5 6 influence of oxygen in one electron of hydrogen in one electron of hydrogen bonding like this ok so this form won't like this NO2 structure will be formed something like this is as you can see clearly the sharing of electrons only two electrons are

involved of oxygen are involved in the bond formation or using sharing of electrons only two electrons have been shared from oxygen there is other four electrons are left without performing any Bond these other known Facebook there is one lone pair ok to a set of to write this is one lone pair and this is another feather in the water molecule there are two ok so that is The Lone pair of electrons that was explanation thank you