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Class 10






Organic Chemistry


What happens when (give only b...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution :  First ethene, then ethane is formed

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the question given here is what happens when give 1 balance equations and write the names of the reactant and product ethyne and hydrogen combine in the presence of a catalyst to Ethane and hydrogen a time and hydrogen hydrogen combine in the presence of a catalyst to this reaction if they undergo in the presence of catalyst presence of catalyst this reaction between Ethane or you can say it channel kind with hydrogen its known as catalytic hydrogenation catalytic hydrogenation which is also a type of which is an addition reaction write this is an addition reaction addition of hydrogen to alkene alkyne addition reaction that

it is given that in the presence of a catalyst it so it is not written what catalyst for their two cases in which and kind react with hydrogen the presence of a catalyst the first cases in the presence of a catalyst that is a Nickel Palladium or Platinum platinum rate to effect a time molecule addition of hydrogen in the presence of Nickel catalyst at 150 degree Celsius so first form and alkyne will be formed that there will be 1111 from the 1111 single bond will be broken and it will the two hydrogen molecules like one hydrogen molecule will be acquired on each carbon night so further this action will continue and it will achieve

it will achieve the formation of an alkane so this is an alkene this is an alkene and I think this is a the catalyst one in which the catalyst used is it can be difficult it can be Palladium or it can be Platinum right but it like it's the conversion of an alkane to alkene alkane to alkene right now if I take another case of this worst case one if I take and that this is the case to taking the catalyst is suitably deactivated at this stage only like a funnel kind is added a catalyst added to a kind and it is a deactivated to condition of the triple Bond 411 can be achieved by a preferred catalyst for selective hydrogenation so basically we are doing

here is and taking a allkind the catalyst I am adding here is with the addition of hydrogen there is a lindlar's catalyst h catalyst Sudheesh lindlar catalyst is basically it is a Palladium partially poisoned with lead salt this is Palladium partially poison with lead salt as catalyst shows affinity of adsorbent the alkene and ineffective in bringing the alkane so the state will be broken hair on and the respective alkene is found and no I can can be formed for other because it is this lead a leader as katniss has like affinity of absorbing the alkene and it is an effective in preventing the alkane to this Linda catalyst well in this present in the presence of this catalyst reaction will be from

alkene alkane to alkene only and no further alkene will be formed to this is the required reaction thank you

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