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The S - Block Elements


What happens when alkali metal...

What happens when alkali metals are exposed to air ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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ok so everyone know this question says that what happened when alkali metals are exposed to air total what happens when metals are exposed to the word 4 letters device that I M sorry m and nothing but there at night was a call alkali metals they are basically the group 1 element India only alkali metals because they form alkoxides so that is the reason they are known as alkali metals when getting exposed to air me right when they are exposed to air exposed to the alkali metal forms oxides and this reaction of turning of

metals to oxide is very spontaneous and its various economic impact the heavy metals like dilva metals which are rubidium and caesium deyar with film so reaction is highly exothermic and reactive the film latest write the reaction is also biscuit se AIIMS 2016 metal so it reacts with oxygen present at the atmosphere and forms the metal oxide with m28rc form hydroxides and carbonates on reacting with mustard two letters write the formula for Hydroxide as well for Hydroxide is this is RM to Hotel formed and it reacts with moisture present in the water in the air and form metal Hydroxide IT form

this metal hydroxide on reacting with 2% India can form carbonate metal carbonate but the basic mean reaction is this reaction which happens to the claim to right there is film along with this especially heavy metals in metals that are lowered in the table for example caesium so this is what happened when I am are exposed to a thank you


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