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What do you understand by chem...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello hello question is what do you understand by chemical and how to attend the chemical what are the characteristics of chemical propose this question we will know one by one ok so we will discuss about what do you understand how it is a chemical what do you understand by chemical equilibrium chemical equilibrium system is the computation of product do not change with time and no further changes so we can write to dad

in which the concentration of latest and concentration of product do not change with time no father changing property ok to have discussed first part of this question now what is second part and how this attend it is the time when sato

so invented any reaction for kids there is a forward rate of reaction and there is a backward rate of reaction ok so when rate of Forward reaction is equal to the rate of backward or reverse and forward rate of reaction forward rate of reaction become equal to the rayto backward or anniversary

now what is the third party it is what are the factors there are many three character characteristics chemical equilibrium Vichar forward and rate of backward Rekha School ok second one is all concentration of product interaction centred

and advanced ki catalyst catalyst present perfect Bengali BF ok but effect the rate at which Sudheer three characteristics how the chemical equilibrium is attained and what is the chemical equilibrium and three thank you

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