What are the terms defined in given below? <br>A bond formed by a shared pair of electrons with both electrons coming from the same atom.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Vivian let's start the question the question is that what are the terms defined in given below a bond formed by a shared pair of electrons with both electrons coming from the tomato so we have to give give that are which is Defined by the given statement so let's ride co-ordinate information in formation co-ordinate Bond co-ordinate Bond bhoot electron comes both electron kam song team atom

but shared buy books of the atom statement in PLC the given statement define the co-ordinate Bond co-ordinate Bond co-ordinate Bond is dot similar ionic bond s Dan of the atom new music or games the electrons

cricket few of the co-ordinate compounds can show isomerism and co-ordinate bond is also known as and co-ordinate Bond is also loan as covalent bond covalent bond core of the co-ordinate Bond can show isomerism isomerism is actually up or property in who is two compounds have same formula but shows different structure so now we can write the answer the term the turn co-ordinate

Bond is define in the given statement Kiran statement suggested solution for the given question thank you

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