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What are the following substan...

What are the following substances ? Give one example of each type . <br> (i) Antacid <br> (ii) Nonionic detergents <br> (iii) Antiseptics

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : (i) Antacid : These are those substances which neutralise the excess acid and bring the pH to appropriate level in stomach . <br> Examples : Magnesium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate . <br> (ii) Nonionic detergents : These are of high molecular mass formed by reaction between polythylene glycol and stearic acid . <br> (iii) Antiseptics : These are the chemical substances used to prevent the growth of micro-organisms or to kill them . They are safe to be applied to living tissues Dettol .


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hello everyone here the question is what are the following substances give one example of each type of gift so first one is and acids gift so and acids are the substances that neutralizes utilizes stomach acidity ok to relieve heartburn in digestion aur and upset stomach and an example of antacid is magnesium hydroxide

magnesium Hydroxide moving on to next one known ionic detergents as the name says known ionic mean in this detergent there are no there are neither cations leader cations Nur ions present in 9 and ions present in this ok this kind kind of detergents used in washing dish washing liquid

and since they do not have any groups that does not have does not have any ionic group it does not react with does not react with hard water hard water ions and the also form less than ionic detergents they also home less than ionic detergents moving on to next one that is antiseptics antiseptics are the chemical substances

that are used are used to prevent the growth of microorganisms on living tissues for example example of antiseptic is Dettol so this is all about antacid and non ionic detergents and antiseptics


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