What are isotopes? With reference to which fundamental particle do isotopes differ? Give two uses of isotopes.


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welcome to not in this question asked about what are the with response reference with fundamental particle to scope Deepa give two uses of isotopes of an element element element which help with has same atomic number atomic number but different different mass number due to due to different number of
neutron number of neutron neutron is called isotopes is called God Aisa talks like Hydrogen have three isotopes of Hydrogen have three isotopes of Hydrogen deuterium and tritium all have atomic number one but it is no problem which have mass number 1 unit area mass number 2 and ATM mass number 3 and in the least number of 11 and 12 neutron in this it is zero it is one and it is 22 due to the different number of neutron mass number of different number of protons is same or it is called and atomic number in train
with space which fundamental particle is it is due to neutron neutron is a fundamental particle Duty for the iPhone which gives the to use of first use of isotope these 1414 is isotope of isotope of carbon which used used to detect the text is of carbon bearing bearing bearing any any
substance and second use is the it is used Radioactive active isotope isotopes are used in food industry Industry agriculture exactra radioactive isotope like these are the use of isotope this is our thank you

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