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Class 12






D- And- F- Block Elements


What are coinage metals ?...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Metals like Cu, Ag and Au used in coin making are called coinage metals.

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Hawa question is what are coinage metals so we are we are supposed to describe about the coinage metals and nonmetals and metals as the name suggests which are used or were used earlier to make point So coinage metals they are what their used to make fine now it's the metal they are mixed to form a lawyer and this alloy is used to make the queen so the metals are mixed to form alloy and diesel oil is used to make white now which metals are used which are less reactive towards misfire rate today should be less reactive to atmosphere and why it is if they would react they would

change this appearance and characteristics right because if they are reactive or is that react they would they change its appearance and character 6 so that is why is be required less reactive metal and the example the metal that used to make coins which are less reactive are gold silver copper and these are as group 11th elements so specifically group 11 elements that is gold Copper Gold Silver and copper the are used to make coin because that lets reactive rights should they won't lose their appearance of characteristics and that is why they are called as coinage metal

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