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Coordination Compounds





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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The main postulates of Werner's theory of coordination compounds are as follows <br> (a) Metals possess two type of valencies called <br> (i) primary valency which are ionisable (ii) secondary valency which are non ionisable <br> (b) Primary valency is satisfied by the negative ions and it that which a metal exhibits in the formatio of its simple salts <br> (c) Secondary valence are satisfied by neutral ligand or negative ligand and are those which metal exerciese in the formation of its complex ions. Every cation has a fixed number of secondary valencies which are directed in space about central metal ion in certain fixed directions e.g., in `CoCl_(3)-6NH_(3)` valencies between Co and Cl are primary valencies and valencies between Co and `NH_(3)` are secondary in `COCl_(3)-6NH_(3)` six ammonia molecules linked and thus account for structure of `COCl_(3)-6NH_(3)` as follows in modern theory it is now referred as coordination number of central metal atom or ion. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NCERT_CHM_V02_XII_C09_E01_011_S01.png" width="80%">


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depression is theory of coordination compounds we are going to discuss the werner's theory of coordination compounds A1 was the scientist who proposed the major postulate that ordination compound primary secondary what is wanna wanna steal a bonus said that the coordination compound only has two types of allergy with the primary valency primary valency is

state of the metal primary valency is satisfied by negative where is satisfied buy and negative or neutral or Negative Ion or a neutral molecule M postulate that was given by what is compound consists of two types of a primary

valency and the primary valency is nothing but the oxidation state of the metal and secondary valency is a number of Vegan for example I have a complex CU nh34 H2O to this is my Complex this is an example of a complex and taking the random examples of to understand the concept of primary and secondary write what do we have and suppose I will give it charge + 32 number of NH3 has zero oxidation number water has zero oxidation number

+ 2 into 3 equal to the number of the coordination number outside the politicians will get the oxidation number of Cobalt is primary balance balance do nothing but the oxidation state of matter Where are if I talked about the secondary valency I am considering it as you think the metal ion is linked to sit legal right the metal ion is linked to begin and

mean that its valency is nothing but it is actually the number of ligands surrounded on the metal atom write an asset that the complex the complex still have coordination number is equal to stick are complex and coordination number 4 8 tetrahedral are also suggested that are attached to a metal handle Complex in his attached the metal atoms in a brief idea about the Werner theory