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We know that balancing of a chemical equation is entirely bases on law of conservation of mass. However the concept of Principle of Atom Conservation (POAC) can also be related to law of consevation of mass in a chemical reaction. So, POAC can also act as a technique for balancing a chemical equation. For example, for a reaction: <br> `ABC_(3) rarr AB+C_(2)` <br> On applying POAC for A , B and C and related the equations , we get : `(n_(ABC_(3)))/(2) =(n_(AB))/(2) =(n_(C_(2)))/(3)` <br> (`n_(x)` : number of moles of X) <br> Thus , the cofficients of `ABC_(3)` , AB and `C_(2)` in the balanced chemical equation will be 2,2 and 3 respectively and the balanced chemical equation can be represented as , <br> `2ABC_(3) rarr 2AB + 3C_(2)` Which of the following statements jis correct balanced chemical equation, <br> `pA+qB_(2) rarr rA_(2)B_(5)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

2p=rq=1.25 pr=2qq=0.8 p

Answer :
Solution :
On applying POAC for A & B respectively, we get <br> `1xxn_A=2xxn_(A_2B_6)`..(1) <br> `2xxn_(B_2)=5xxn_(A_2B_6)`..(2) <br> by (1) & (2) , `n_A/4=n_(B_2)/5=n_(A_2B_6)/2` <br> `:.`balanced equation : `4A+5B_2to2A_2B_6` <br> `:. q=1.25 p`


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hello this question we are given that the balancing of a chemical equation is entirely based on law of conservation of mass however the concept of principle of atomic conservation is also related to conservation of mass and we are given here equation abc3 changes to a b + c to and also it balancing is shown here and the balanced equation is also given to us and with this reference we need to balance in equation that is this equation is we need to balance and we need to find out the relation between P OK Google balance this given equation and we will let down here it is a plus bi to change 2825 so for balancing this equation

need to find out the use the principle of atom conservation year BE atom is 25 with this site and to this I need to balance this item on both sides will need to multiply it with the common pattern here multiply it by 5 and 6 1 X 2 so here are 5 into 10 B atoms are present and here also to in 2510 at the atoms are present on x to the atoms of a converted into 2 into 24 from here for a items must be present for the balanced equation must be 4 + B2 changes 22825 from this equation we find out that AB is equals to 4

25 and R is equals to 2 we will have to find out the relation between p q and R are among the following given options first of all we will we will check all the options first of all two piece girls to are so I am writing with their topi is equals to 2 into my phone is equals to r22 this is not a valid equation noun question second is equal to 1.5 into 2 cube is equal to 1.25 into PS4 this also comes out to be fired from the option equation order relation is correct for the efficiency are equal to 2 Pro are 5 and 2 into 2 here is our to sorry

Arya 2 to 25 which is also in correct option that is 5 is equal to 0.8 into three years for this is also not quite so the relation that is correct is second Chance option B will be the correct answer here thank you

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