Using the following thermochemical equations : <br> `S("rhombic") + 3/2 O_(2)(g) rarr SO_(3)(g), " "Delta H = - 2x kJ mol^(-1)` <br> II. `SO_(2)(g) + 1/2 O_(2)(g) rarr SO_(3)(g), " "Delta H = -Y kJ mol^(-1)` <br> Find out the heat of formation of `SO_(2)(g)` in `kJ mol^(-1)`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`(2x + y)``(x + y)``2x - y``(y - 2x)`

Answer :
Solution :
Given `s (rh) + 3/2 O_(2)(g) to SO_(3)(g) , " "Delta H = - 2 xx kJ mol^(-1) ……(i)` <br> `SO_(2)(g) + 1/2 O_(2)(g) to SO_(3)(g), Delta H = -Y kJ mol^(-1) ….(ii)` <br> `S(rh) + O_(2)(g) to SO_(2)(g), Delta H = ?` <br> Subtract Equation (ii) from Equation (i) <br> `{:(s(rh) + 3/2 O_(2)(g) to SO_(3)(g), , DeltaH = -2 xx kJ mol^(-1).....(i)),(SO_(3)(g) + 1/2 O_(2)(g) to SO_(3)(g) ,, Delta H = -Y kJ mol^(-1) .......(ii)):}/(S(rh)+(3/2 - 1/2)O_(2)(g) to SO_(2)(g)DeltaH = (-2x + Y)kJ mol^(-1))` <br> `S(rh) + O_(2)(g) to SO_(2)(g) , DeltaH = (Y- 2x) kJ mol^(-1)`.


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using the following thermochemical equation here V creations R K and their heat of reaction and heat of formation of SO2 gas in kilo joule per so heat of formation of SO2 gas is the heat seen during the formation of one mole of SO2 gas from element that is Sulphur which is international trade which is in which is also a natural heat of formation of to have to find now 1 and 2

if we subtract two from 1 to auto minus one by two letters were no 233 only it gave SO2 if you can be both are same for this reaction also equal to the substitution of each of these two reaction which is equal to

2 x minus minus y kilo joule per mole which comes out to be done is equal to minus 2 X + y only can write Y - 2 x 9 June ki Mazar reaction which represent the heat of formation of SO2 gas attach of this reaction on this occasion also equal show the formation of SO2 gas will be correct and all other options are incorrect understand think you

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