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Use the following standard ele...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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hello student the question is u t following standard electrode potential calculator Delta G not inclusion for moon for the indicated reaction to the reaction is 5 cdn for positive plus MN to Aqua plus 4 water forming 5 serial three positive aquas + permanganate Ion + 8 h positive also the per magnet I'm deduction of a magnet I Want To Hamen to positive is given electrode potential is given one point plus 1.51 volt and the reduction potential of serum + is also given that is plus 1.618 question real given the electrode potential standard electrode potential for the two half cell reactions have to calculated and touching two factor for the reaction is 5 serum for positive Aqua + m into positive Aqua

+ 4 H2O liquid it is forming 5cm three positive Aqua plus mno4 negative Aqua plus 8 h positive if we see CDM it is present in plus for Oxidation state and it is going to plus 3 Oxidation state it deduction is taking please and here it is present in language in plus two Oxidation state and information at iron Oxidation state of MN + 78 means on + 22 + 7 it is undergoing oxidation now if we see for the reduction half cell at cathode the reduction reaction in CDM for positive it is giving pregnancy positive so if the serum atoms are 5241 serum atom the change in

electric change in the oxidation state is of 1 and 45 atoms it will be changed in 5.5 electrons are involved here and if you see the Oxidation reaction in Oxidation reaction Di MN is present in plus two Oxidation state and it is coming mno4 negative it is 7 and + 7 Oxidation state it means the electrons that are involved is + 72 changes for 5 electron it means in both the oxidation and reduction reactions in number of electrons that are in voltage 5 it means and value is 5 now if we see the standard electrode potential to standard electrode potential in this it is given for the reduction of bar magnet and but here it is taking place the oxidation so the oxidation potential will be opposite to the

reduction potential for this will be -1.51 v and A reduction potential is given Evil eye data oxidation potential and this is reduction potential with this is given 1.61 wood 50 calculate e not sell that will be unit oxidation potential plus not reduction potential oxidation potential is -1.5 and food + reduction potential is 1.67 would the skin point one would not saladspoint 14 now we have to calculate a delta G not inclusion per mood to Delta G not this is given by minus in f unit of The Delta G not is the standard change in Gibbs free energy and is a number of electrons involved a Faizi Faraday's constant in unit cell is the standard electrode potential of to Delta G not

of itself will be and value is 5 the number of electrons that are involved Faraday's constant is 96500 coulomb and unit of tell we have calculated that is point 148 value it comes out to be 48 48250 - this will be minus in joule per mole but we have to calculate this enclosure for most preferred divided by 1000 it will be -48.2 5 kilo joule per suggested The Delta G not of the send to the correct answer this question is C option -40 8.25 I hope you understood the solution thank you

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NARENDRA AWASTHI ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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