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underset((X))(K_(6)[(CN)_(5)" ...

`underset((X))(K_(6)[(CN)_(5)" "Co-O-O-Co(CN)_(5)])overset("oxidizes")rarrunderset((Y))(K_(5)[(CN)_(5)Co-O-O-Co(CN)_(5)])` <br> In both the complexes Co have `t_(20)""^(6)e_(g)^(@)` configuration. <br> The bond energy of `(O-O)` in X ans Y is `:`

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Text Solution

bond energy of `(O-O)` in `Y lt` bond energy of `(O-O)` in X.bond energy of `(O-O)` in `X lt` bond energy of `(O-O)` in Y. bond energy of `(O-O)` in `X=` bond energy of `(O-O)` in Y.bond energy of `(O-O)` in X and bond energ of `(O-O)` in Y can't be comparable.

Answer :
Solution :
`K_(6)[(overset(-5)(C)N)_(5)Co(III)-Ooverset(-2)(_)O-Co(III)(overset(-5)(CN))]^(6+)overset("oxidizes")rarrK_(5)[(overset(-5)(CN))_(5)Co-Ooverset(-1)(-)O-Co(overset(-5)(CN))_(5)]^(5+)` <br> `o_(2)^(-)overset("oxidized")rarrO_(2)^(-),` bond order of `O_(2)^(2-)=(10-8)/(2)=1,` bond orderof `O_(2)^(-)=(10-7)/(2)=1.5` <br> Bond strength `prop` bond order `,` so, Bond energy of `O_(2)^(2-) lt` Bond energy of `O_(2)^(-)`.


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the person is a complex access given here which undergoes oxidation and changes into the complex and both the complexes you that is it has 32 ge0 configuration and the bond energy of that is the linkage in X and Y is to be hard to compare the bond energy between two station Complex in complex X and and complete the given question if we want to calculate energy than there is a relationship between the bond energy and the bond what is the relation that is the bond order directly proportional to the bond energy if we want to know about the bond energy than we can calculate

the bond order of this born let calculated at stake first of all Complex act here in this the bond order of season oxygen Bond can be calculated as you can see in this Complex oxygen is present in this form that is O2 2 - then what is the formula for calculating monitor that is the number of electrons in orbitals divided by putting the values we can put 10 - 82 born out for the

complex why we want to see the bond order in complex why can we can calculate it like this and bond order of oxygen of season that is photo equal to 2 question is the number of electrons in morning after 7 is the number of electrons in antibonding orbitals in water in it was in a complex and invite complex 21.5 CM one point

that is that it is having the next is having lower bonda order born in night comes out to be lower as compared to that of an order in order of energy in place of monetary can also writes that bond energy of Bond in its complex is less as compared to that of bond energy in the options given above which one is giving a

space option so we can say that option we is giving us the same answers which is the correct answer of

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