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Two sparingly soluble salts AB...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Let the solubility of `AB=S_(1)mol L^(-1)` <br> The solubility of `xy_(2)=S_(2)mol L^(-1)` <br> `AB hArrA^(+)+B^(-)` <br> `{:(1,0,0),(1-S_(1),S_(1),S_(1)):}` <br> `K_(sp)=[A^(+)][B^(-)]` <br> `K_(sp)=S_(1)^(2)` <br> `S_(1)=(K_(sp))^(1//2)` <br> `xy_(2)hArrx^(+2)+2y^(-1)` <br> `{:(1,0,0),(1-S_(2),S_(2),2S_(2)):}` <br> `k_(sp)=[X^(+2)][2y^(-)]^(2)` <br> `=4S_(2)^(3)` <br> `S_(2)=[(K_(sp))/(4)]^(1//4)` <br> Obviously `S_(2)gtS_(1)(as k_(sp)` have values with negative power of 10). hence salt `xy_(2)` is more soluble.


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hello the question to sparingly soluble AVN required to have the same solubility product with salt will be more sorry so what they are we have to tell that which salt is more in given is they both are sparingly soluble what does it mean from string is probable that they are partially responsible in any not complete call what is given is that the solubility product of both are equal to that mean solubility product is denoted by KFC recipe of a b is equals to KSP of xy to this is give will write that this is given now you see that the proposed for solubility is equal to 1 mole per litre we know that

solubility is given in multiple unit of molar solubility of Y2 should be more furniture now that our first salt is dissociated is breaking into a plus b minus Sin A + B A ka time and b - 20 weeks now adding to this at time T is initially to suppose that you have complete reactor no products from so reactant is concentration is product consideration is it time suppose that a + b minus are formed by S1 concentration so ab will decrease by now solubility and solubility product of this reaction will be translated by KSP which is the product of the

now this is a + sin b minus A + broken into S1 and P1 is also broken into as we get it is equals to St power 1 by 2 or we can take root of KC for the second English novels for that is RX white to break into X2 - 32 positive plus two moles of why negative one now again at is equal to zero we have complete reacted to concentration of reactant 21 and the concentration of X2 + suppose that it is as to why to is also supposed that it is Forex + 12 + is also and 2y - is also s2c

time T souri act is equal to zero the concentration of the reaction product would be would be zero because no product has been formed at t is equals to zero it would be not coming at concentrations and 2y - is also performing at a concentration that decrease the reactant would be 1 -2 will calculate solubility product we know that it is the product of the concentration of iron and Y minus one power to avoid in this to this is known as the stoichiometric coefficient and goes into the power of

concentration so here it is square off now we know that both as to so 2 into 2 into why do I won't show it would be to do and it would come as a square and square square into x square is too so I will get it would be upon 4 and whole power 1 by 3 the normal cross multiplication Oregon Saviour Syndicate from left to right inside that that one is greater than S2 now is greater than as to why you can see that at least one power is 1 by 2 and here power

1 by 3 is also getting divided by 4 that means the US would be no less than a different way that one KSP hazard square root but here in EST to CST first being divided by 4 into 4 parts and then also it is the quantity is very less than that the solubility product of two one is more if any military product is most definitely this would be more easily break into it and more easily than that means it is more soluble therefore more tolerable I hope you understood explanation with thank you


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