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Two sparingly soluble salt AB ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Let the solubility of AB `=S_1 mol L^(-1)` <br> The solubility of `xy_2=s_2 mol L^(-1)` <br> `{:(AB,hArr,A^+,+B^-),(1,"",0,0),(1-s_1,"",s_1,s_1):}` <br> `K_(sp)=[A^+][B^-]` <br> `K_(sp)=S_1^2` <br> `s_1=(K_(sp))^(1//2)` <br> `{:(xy_2,"",x^(+2),+2y^(-1)),(1,"",0,0),(1-s_2,"",s_2,2s_2):}` <br> `K_(sp)=[X^(+2)][2y^-]^2` <br> `=4s_2^3` <br> `S_2=[(K_(sp))/(4)]^(1//3)` <br> Obviously `S_2 gt S_1` (as `K_(sp)` have values with negative power of 10). Hence , salt `xy_2` is more soluble.


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hello everyone the question is to sparingly soluble salt a b and its right to have the same product which salt will be more out of Ab and X2 which is more soluble suppose suppose the solubility of a b equals to Fir l ok ab dissociate into a plus plus B minus sin so we can write its solubility product equals to that is concentration of into concentration of b - so we have seen that the solubility of ABC voltage in that means a into

post to PST to EST will be so I solubility will be equal to that route of this will be the solubility of absent toltec Y2 salt soap or xy2 salt letter se the solubility suppose the solubility of military X2 is equal to be Mol per litre little alright so excited to will dissociate into X2 + + 2 Y - alright it will

dissociate like this only for this will be that is concentration of X2 + in 2y - raise to the power station metric Coefficient so it will be equal to because the solubility is considered as to be into that is B to b square it will be to why did 2 - 2B into 2B that is it will be too will not come it will hair come by -2 it will be in 22 b square which will that is 22044 be to which will be equal to KSP

it will be like this that is B will be equal to that is KSP by 4 raise to power 1 by 3 from here we can say that that solubility of you can still be will be more soluble more soluble than a because KSP have values values with negative power of 10 with negative power of 10 power 10 to Salt is more soluble extra to scholten more soluble ok so this will be our answer that is x y

2 is more soluble than a b


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