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Class 12






Theory Of Solutions


Two open beakers one containin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the volume of the solution and the solvent does not change the volume of the solution increases and the volume of the solvent decreasesthe volume of the solution decreases and the volume of the solvent increasesthe volume of the solution does not change and the volume of the solvent decreases

Solution : The vapour pressure of the beaker that contain pure solvent will be higher. So, the vapours will migrate to the solution beaker.

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questions to open because when containing the solvent and other containing a mixture of that fall within non volatile solute are together is filled in a container latest consider a bigger one this is bigger one which contains solve even his presence and Bigad to this is because to which contains solution 22 paper pressure of vehicle when I will be and hear this is PS according to the role of vapour pressure of the solvent is greater than the vapour pressure of solution this is for

solvent is created in solution due to higher vapour pressure the solvent flows into solution flows into solution the volume of vehicle to would decrease sorry volume of wicket you would increase for 2 and in a closed beta both the liquids on a technical the vapour phase will end up having the same Vapour pressure and so will I can do as to negotiate the increased

pressure which results in increase in volume and contradictions particles are contesting from vapour phase since particles are condensing steam vapour phase in wicket to the vapour pressure will decrease when at attain higher vapour pressure evaporation will be favoured here will be famous so as to compensate the decrease in vapour pressure as mentioned in previous statements from here we can say that has solvent is pure and volatile so it will be with price and increase vapour pressure till that the vapour pressure will come in equilibrium for volume decreases as insulation there is non volatile solute so it will not with

paper pressure to be in equilibrium solvent vapour will come to watch the solution to the volume of solution increase the volume of solution increase and volume of the solid decreases section 2 is the correct answer of this question solution increases and volume of always decreases

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