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Class 8






Physical And Chemical Changes


True or False: The melting of ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Hello even the question is true or false the melting of wax is a physical change for this question given statement and in the treatment they are saying that melting of wax is a physical change if it is not so sure we will have to see what is a physical change office in physical change the chemical composition of the substance remain the same where is the molecular composition is rearranged OK so the chemical composition galti se remain the same JEE Mains the same but the molecules are rearranged rearrange

ok now if the molecules are going to be rearranged then obviously a new substance will form ok so because of the rearrangement of a molecule of a substance will be combat the thing is this the new substance that is formed has the same chemical composition as the other one or as the one that it was before so that's why this substance can go back to its original form original form physical changes to be a reversible change or you can say it is a temporary change temporary change in the question there are saying that melting of wax now when wax is melted we provide ok so when it is in solid wax is easily in solid state ok

and when we provide heat it it melts and the chemical composition of the wax is not change only the physical state of the wax has been changed OK so the physical state has been changed the molecules are really the molecules are now able to move freely such that in the molecules present in liquids which are able to move and floor OK where is in solid the molecules are stick to their own position ok and unable to sleep in physical state what will happen if we cool down this liquid is equal down this liquid again the liquid will go back to its original state that was called ok so it is a physical change so we can see that statement is true that was the answer for question thank you

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